Who and what is a rog design?


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My love for minimal, modern geometric design runs deep. Always up for a good grid system — likely a symptom of several years trying to be creative with excel spreadsheets before I successfully learned the Adobe creative suite. Welcome to my work.


My attention to detail is one of my defining qualities. I'm fast on any software if you give me a little bit of time to learn it. Then I run. Bolt fast. But first it's all about nailing down a killer core concept.

I have multiple years experience in the packaging industry as a FMCG buyer working with pre-press and account managers in flexible films, fibre cartons, labels and more. I've been through rollouts and very crazy deadlines. I have years of photography experience with Canon and Olympus equipment. 

I'm a graduate of Shillington College, Melbourne, so if you want to talk graphic design with me I'd love to chat. Or we could talk about any sports or even British culture (from Monty Python to 60's music) and we'd chat even longer.

For freelance graphic design work, get in touch with me below.




Alexander Rog


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